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Folklore includes the single " Força " (meaning "carry on" or "strength" in Portuguese ), which was written as the official anthem of the 2004 European Football Championship . Furtado performed the song at the championship's final in Lisbon , in July 2004. [6] Other singles included the ballad " Try " and " Powerless (Say What You Want) ", in which she embraces her Portuguese heritage; the song deals with "the idea that you can still feel like a minority inside, even if you don't look like one on the outside". [3] Additional singles were released in certain territories; " Explode " in Canada and Europe, and " The Grass Is Green " in Germany .

Furtado began working with guitarist and producer James Bryan on "My Plan", for a possible English language album. [1] She said she would try to write songs in English and then in Portuguese but that she did not feel inspired. [2] She mentioned that fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Cuba suggested that they try writing the lyrics in Spanish and then he would go on to write the melodies . [1] After approving of the idea, she said that she, Cuba and Bryan started "really organically writing songs" in Spanish. [1] Cuba then helped them pen more songs, including the title track, "Mi Plan", and "Manos al Aire". "Mi Plan" features Cuba on vocals. [3] [4] According to Cuba, the three got together five times between September 2008 and February 2009 and wrote nine songs, six of which made it onto the album. [5] Furtado also worked with Julieta Venegas , who wrote the song "Bajo Otra Luz" and also contributed to another song called "Vacación", playing the accordion . [6] Altogether, Furtado wrote 24 Spanish-language songs, 12 of which made the final track list. [7]

Nelly Furtado - FolkloreNelly Furtado - FolkloreNelly Furtado - FolkloreNelly Furtado - Folklore