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Her next album, Legal , was not as far from the mainstream as its predecessor, and a live album the following year again balanced smooth Brazilian sounds with heavy rock. In 1973, the cover of Costa's album Índia was censored [1] — it focuses on her red bikini bottom. Costa has recorded songs composed by a number of Brazil's most popular songwriters such as Tom Jobim , Ben and Erasmo Carlos . In 1982 the single "Festa Do Interior" from the double album Fantasia became her biggest ever hit, going multi-platinum by the end of the year. Costa appeared in the 1995 film The Mandarin ( O Mandarim ) as the singer Carmen Miranda . She has recorded songs in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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 · This Friday Mr Bongo Records is set to reissue Gal Costa ’s fourth album, 1973’s Índia. A record heralded for its brave experimentation, it’s a bold ...

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